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Our company

Our company has been on the market since 1997. We started to work on conventional lathes, where operators set up the machine manually on the basis of the order and drawing and put on and took off the workpiece themselves. The process was based on manual control, which required the knowledge and commitment of the operator.

Currently, the work is performed on modern numerically controlled lathes, thanks to which machining programs are inserted into the system via keyboards, floppy disks and other connectors, they can be collected and stored in the internal memory or hard disk of the machine. The control and adjustment functions are taken over by a microcomputer, which also enables the diagnosis of errors.

We handle the machining of metal parts. We specialize in machining acid-resistant steel.

Thanks to the experienced staff, the company is developing appropriately and is successful. Educating employees is not only beneficial to the company, but above all to people who have the opportunity to develop their skills, increase efficiency and productivity.

1997 - 2020

Tokar CNC technology departments

We are a supplier of precise workpieces intended for medical, food and electronics departments. Our offer is directed mainly to the European market. We take full responsibility for the quality of our services.

CNC Operators Department

The production department, with the help of operators with many years of experience, with all due diligence, carries out the production process according to the requirements of customers.

Quality Control Department

Dział odpowiedzialny za proces kontroli jakości wszystkich wyrobów na każdym etapie procesu produkcyjnego. Reaguje i zapobiega powstawaniu towarów złej jakości. Do zadań specjalisty należy określenie głównych cech i wymagań jakościowych dla wytwarzanych wyrobów, zgodnie z ich specyfikacją, uwzględniając wymagania norm europejskich ISO. Dzięki temu określona jest struktura organizacyjna oraz procedury działań na poszczególnych stanowiskach, mających wpływ na jakość wyrobu.

Logistics and Point of Entry Control Department

The team responsible for planning, implementation and efficient and effective flow of raw materials, materials and finished products. It ensures a continuous flow of information from the point of entry to the point of consumption to ensure customer requirements.

Assembly of Precision Elements

The department responsible for connecting the finished elements together according to developed and accepted criteria and technical requirements necessary to create the final product - the finished article.

Programmers' Department

The department is responsible for designing, analyzing and selecting the most suitable production process for the component to be machined.