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Our company produces small, precise workpieces, so the most important point for us is quality. We try to develop and improve quality control processes thanks to the properly trained quality control department and high quality measuring equipment. We can guarantee the highest level of offered services and meet customers' needs. In 2017 we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and we operate in accordance with its guidelines, thanks to which we are good in navigating the metal industry, which is confirmed by cyclical positive results of certification processes.

Thanks to the implemented procedures, we have achieved repeatability of quality for our products.

We use modern measurement equipment from Keyence, which gives us a wide range of measurement possibilities.

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IM series system

(Instant Measurement System) is an optical measuring device that replaces measuring projectors, calipers/micrometers, measuring microscopes and coordinate optical measuring machines (CMMs). Traditional 2-dimensional measuring instruments are difficult to operate and time-consuming to use. The IM Series significantly reduces inspection time and eliminates the risk of operator error. Hundreds of part measurements can be performed with an accuracy of +/- 2 um. Easy profile measurements, GD&T analysis, CAD import and automated programming.


Digital microscopes combine observation and measurement capabilities on a large screen. Magnification up to 1000 times, high resolution, high depth of field and a movable tripod guarantee observation from any angle and advanced analysis of any samples. Digital microscopes provide more information and are easier to use than conventional imaging and measuring systems, enabling users to make better decisions in less time. Quality control takes place at every stage of production, from the moment the raw materials are delivered by checking their compliance with the requirements of the standard, visual and measuring inspection of the manufactured products, to the final inspection before shipment.