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Production of precision components dedicated to the medical, food, and electronic industries.


We specialize particularly in the processing of stainless steel, which is characterized by very high corrosion resistance.


Stainless steel and its alloys are used to create components specifically targeted at the medical and electronics sectors, which require the highest durability.

TOKAR CNC Technology - Manufacturer of Precision Metal Components

Manufacturer of Precision Metal ComponentsWelcome to TOKAR CNC Technology, a modern machining facility specializing in the production of small, high-quality precision metal components. Our priority is the continual pursuit of excellence and the development of quality control processes, ensuring that the components we deliver meet the highest industry standards.

Manufacturer of Precision Metal Components

We take pride in being a manufacturer of precision metal components dedicated to the medical, food, and electronic sectors. Our focus is primarily on the European market, where we have earned the trust of customers by offering services based on unquestionable quality.

Machining Facility

Our machining facility operates high-quality machines in collaboration with leaders in the production of precision tools. Through this collaboration, we achieve technically advanced solutions for both standard and special tools, enabling us to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Machining Facility

Collaboration and Galvanization

We collaborate with professional galvanization companies, utilizing various methods based on the characteristic properties of metals. Our extensive range of coatings, differing in both external appearance and properties, allows us to tailor our products to individual customer needs.

Highest-Quality Materials

As a modern machining facility, we use only certified materials of reliable quality. We specialize particularly in the processing of stainless steel, known for its high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel, along with its alloys, is an excellent material for the production of medical and electronic components, ensuring the highest durability.

Machine Park

Our machining capabilities are supported by a modern machine park, including MAZAK Turning Centers and STAR Swiss-type automatic lathes. Advanced control systems and ergonomic machine designs ensure not only high precision but also ease of operation.

Welcome to Collaborate

We warmly invite companies from Poland and abroad to engage in fruitful collaboration with TOKAR CNC Technology. We offer competitive prices, short order fulfillment times, and long-term cooperation based on trust and reliability. With our innovative solutions and high-quality standards, we guarantee satisfaction and the fulfillment of even the most demanding expectations of our business partners. Contact us today, and together we will build a solid foundation for mutual success!

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